Adagio Day 1 – Spiced Apple Chai

Text lifted from the Adagio site is in red. My (Viking Wife/Lady Grey Moonlight) musings are in pink

Blended With Black Tea, Cinnamon, Ginger, Cardamom, Orange, Cloves, Apple Pieces, Natural Apple Flavor & Natural Cinnamon Flavor

The popular Christmas carol “Here We Come a Wassailing” is based on the old English tradition of “wassailing,” a type of caroling that involved exchanging drinks for presents and visiting orchards to ensure a good harvest. The drink of choice on such occasions was, of course, wassail, a type of mulled cider made with apples that eventually grew to include popular mulling spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, with the word “wassail” even meaning “be you hale” or “be healthy.” We might skip the singing this time around, but we do wish you many a happy cup. Wassail!

Our Spiced Apple Chai features the timeless, comforting combination of apples and spice. A lively blend of black tea, classic spices from Indian Masala Chai and bright notes of crisp apple. Juicy and pleasantly sweet, like warm applesauce, with clean, refreshing texture. We suggest two heaping teaspoons per 8 oz cup. Sugar, cream or soy if desired.

Black Tea | High caffeine | Steep at 212° for 5 minutes.

*Viking Wife enters wearing white fake fur jacket holding her drinking horn* Here we come a-wassailing among the teas so green, here we come a-sipping so fair to be seeeeeen…

Wait, we AREN’T singing? 

Hipster Wife: Ummm.. was that in the script? *Looks for a script.* *Sooo much caffeine!* *Tastes color*

1.  First impressions?

Looks great! I’m so happy Adagio has given us the loose leaf option. Per their usual greatness you can see the quality of the leaves and spices. There is enough in this little foil packet for a few cups! Nearly a tablespoon of chai. Plus the little package is adorable. It smells like mulled cider.

I barely had enough for a cup and I think it brewed slightly weak. 

I had my first cup straight. (Black, right? It’s not whisky.) Cloves numb the tongue. I learned that this year. That cute guy I’ve been dating makes liqueurs and he puts whole cloves in the vodka and candy or fruit concoctions to numb the tongue. I’ve had his apple, apple-cinnamon, and butterscotch. You can’t tell it is an infused vodka. It makes the knees wobbly and the tongue numb. 

Back to the tea…I can’t taste the apple. Wait… why did they use apple flavor when they put dried apple in so many of their blends?  *taps mic*  Is this thing on? My daughter is allergic to apples and can’t drink most of Adagio’s fruity blends because they put apple in most of them. Logic flew out the window here and bounced off the windscreen of my Subaru while I was driving 80 in the passing lane. 

My second cup had a splash of half and half. The apple came through with the dairy! The spices are warming, my tongue isn’t as numb. 

I’m not a huge fan of straight up chai (and never with sugar). I am kind of addicted to Adagio’s Chocolate Chai. And perhaps this Spiced Apple Chai should make its way into my tea cabinet. 

I immediately knew I would love this by the scent. I hate to say this because I am so glad that Adagio has stepped up with single use loose leaf.. But Plum Deluxe’s calendar last year gave you enough to try more than one cup. I am sad that I only got one cup out of this. 


Because my mini me drank my whole cuppa while I was busy doing something else. I got exactly three sips of this cup. 

The apple was very present for me as were the chai spices. I love chai tea, especially if the spices are very up front and if it’s backed by a solid strong black tea it’s perfect. I am in love with tea and will be ordering some more as soon as I finish this review. Hopefully my kid will let me have some. 

2. Do you think this is a good choice for an Advent Calendar? Why yes, or why no? 

Yes. Obviously apples, cider, warming spices (mulling spices, pumpkin pie spices, etc) are seasonal. I’m really pleased with this Day 1.

Kinda- especially since we review these in November. It is a very autumnal blend to me. More October-November in my opinion. I would’ve loved this around Halloween. I love it now, but for Christmas the spiced apple tends to remind me more of autumn. Probably, because in my family we would always go to Oak Glen California and enjoy their apple festival. 

It is a good start to the calendar since it’s day one. 

3. Tell me how you really feel. Or any random thing that needs to be said. 

I randomly feel the need to suggest that we have kissing balls made out of camellia sinensis. It is an evergreen. I presume it might smell nice before all the toasting and drying for our drinking pleasure. To heck with mistletoe and fir and pine. I want to be snogged by Santa under an Earl Grey kissing ball. 

Umm sure. You and your Santa Kink… 

Look, you have cannibals, I have Santa. 

So how many Wassail!! Out of 5 does this get? 

5 out of 5 Wassails

I gave the 3 sips I had 5 out of 5 Wassails. Now off to order more! 


One Reply to “Adagio Day 1 – Spiced Apple Chai”

  1. So glad to see so many others opening the adagio advent calendar this year! I’m doing the same over on my Instagram! I really enjoyed this blend I tried it before the advent calendar but it was nice to start off the Christmas season with it as well! I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of your posts and hearing your thoughts on all of the advent calendar teas!

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