2 December Moroccan Mint

“Based on a traditional recipe, this Moroccan Mint Tea is a blend of Chinese gunpowder green tea and roughly torn mint. The resulting flavour is cleansing, refreshing and the perfect after-dinner rejuvenation.”  https://www.fortnumandmason.com/moroccan-mint-tea-15-whole-leaf-silky-tea-bags

Day 2 began with a “bloody hell” when I opened this window. I like green tea. Gunpowder is fine. I love peppermint. Frankly “roughly torn mint” in this description makes me feel like a Bond Girl going weak in the knees as Sean Connery’s James Bond kisses her in a silk draped boudoir in Marrakech. 

Actor Sean Connery, beloved for James Bond portrayals, dies at 90 |  National | dailyfreeman.com

*fans self*

What were we talking about?

Ingredients: Green Tea, Spearmint Leaves (10%), Peppermint Leaves (2%). Brewing: Use water heated to 85C and brew 1-3 minutes. Best served without milk. 

Let’s break this down for our American readers:

  • 85C is 185F. You can get a good electric kettle with this as a temperate preset, or let your boiled water cool for approximately 20 minutes
  • Don’t ever put milk in green tea or mint tisanes. 
  • Boiling water on delicate mint leaves will make your drink bitter

I loathe spearmint. It gives me a headache. My taste buds do not enjoy it. So I’m already prepared to be disappointed today. This is why I said “bloody hell”. 

The bag smells both minty and like green tea. The brewed cup BLESSEDLY tastes like gunpowder green tea. Yes, the spearmint is there. But it’s not pervasive. Perhaps that tiny, miniscule, puny, Lilliputian amount of peppermint helped soothe that savage spearmint. 

At the end of the cup my iPod began to play “O Mio Babbino Caro” as if it was preparing me for the face punching horror of spearmint. 

Gift givers – check with your tea drinking friends before thinking this is a good stocking stuffer. Make sure they think spearmint isn’t trying to kill them, or give them headache. I’m off to find a paracetamol.

I’m giving this cup 3 out of 5 James Bond snogs in Marrakech for the quality of the Gunpowder Green Tea. 

As I am sipping this tea for taste, I am listening to The War on Drugs song Pain. It’s very mellow. This tea is very mellow. 

This tea is the kind of tea that makes you want to take a deep breath when it is really cold outside. That refreshing first one that knocks all of the old summer dust from your lungs. That just might be me, but having lived in the desert, it’s a very special thing to me. 

I love mint. All mint all the time. This tea is wonderful and I am not sure why I haven’t had it a lot more. It has totally redeemed the Christmas Black from yesterday. I do actually end up enjoying gunpowder teas even though my brain wants to scream its *GREEN TEA* which it’s not. 

The tea bag was completely filled with leaves after I brewed it because gunpowder tea is rolled into little balls. I was very impressed with the quality. 

I would give this 5 out of 5 James Bond snogs. Only I want to snog the villains.. Well one of them.. Le Cliffre.. *fans herself* 

Le Chiffre (Mads Mikkelsen) - As an international money launderer and  'banker' to the world's terrorists, Le Chiffre (the Number) is playing a  risky game, in which he has one last gamble -
For you, Hipster Wife. Enjoy. https://mi6-hq.com/sections/villains/lechiffre

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