Adagio Day 21 Rooibos Noel

Rooibos Noel

(Red Bush Christmas for everyone!)

Not listed on their website. So this is a special calendar exclusive torment. 

From the bag – Ingredients: rooibos tea, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, apple pieces, orange, natural spicy cinnamon flavor, rose petals, natural almond flavor, natural orange flavor.

I made shortbread to ease the pain of all the FREAKING ROOIBOS AND HONEYBUSH. FML

*Weeps rooibos tainted tears*

Why are they ruining Yule? I’m taking this personally. 

*squints at the ingredients list*  it’s this just an americanized chai?

I shan’t rant and delay this cup. I shall get through this so I can enjoy my holiday. 

My owl mug from Hipster Wife is suspicious

It smells nice. The spices cover the stale rooibos scent. As it is steeping that ‘natural spicy cinnamon flavor’ is strong. 

The cinnamon is prominent but not overpowering. Not good. Not the worst thing I’ve had from Adagio this month. 

I reluctantly give this cup 3 out of 5 Noels.

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